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For many of us, short track stock car racing is made up of memories of great times we had at the local race track. While more recent decades have seen some fairly active local short tracks, the heyday for this type of racing was during the post Wold War II years, mainly the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Local short track stock car racing from that era was quite different. Those were the glory days, and those are the years that originally inspired this website.

For me, some of the best memories of my life are from the beloved Eau Gallie Speedway aka Melbourne Speedway, which was located in Eau Gallie, Florida. Those fond memories are what inspired this website.

Eau Gallie Speedway, also known as Melbourne Speedway, opened in 1957 as “The Spinning Wheel Speedway”. One time owner/promoter Bill Posey “seems to recall a (spinning?) wheel/tire clearing the catch fence on opening night and killing a spectator in the main grandstands.” The Speedway was also known as Brevard Speedway in earlier years. Eau Gallie Speedway closed many years ago. Special thanks to Senator Bill Posey for many of the photos and captions from Eau Gallie Speedway.

Below is a video I found about Eau Gallie Speedway.

If you like pictures of old cars, check out my other site where I have detailed descriptions and tons of pictures of cool old cars.

The image galleries are currently broken (except for the Eau Gallie Speedway Gallery) due to technical difficulties with a former web host. I will be restoring the galleries slowly so check back. I will be adding pictures each month. Thank you for your patience.

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